All About Moving in the Military

Military apartments

Did you know that military families actually move an average of once every three years? People enrolled in the armed services may be deployed to different bases or cities on a regular basis, so they should always be ready to move. On that note, however, military housing may not necessarily be the best option for your family, so it is important to do research when you relocate.

Although the military does offer military homes for rent for families, generally it is smart to look into the other options before simply settling for whatever is offered to you. US Army housing is generally available to anyone who is enrolled in the US Army, but sometimes soldiers want private housing.

In any case, moving can be really stressful for your average person, but it can be even worse for military families, and can be exacerbated by the presence of children. There are military housing programs that can link up families with housing in the city they are moving that fits them the best.

According to the Department of Defense, there are over two million children of military parents in the United States. Moving during school years can take a toll on the child, but picking the right house can also help with their social development and help them be more comfortable where you settle.

However, how do you know how to find a place? If you don’t want any of the military homes for rent, there are still military housing sites you can visit to get an idea of what you might be looking for. In addition, social media sites are an excellent place to visit for people because it allows them the option to connect with other military families, and also helps them get tips on housing near other military bases. Overall, it is important to do research before you settle after a military move, because it is important to be comfortable in your home.


  1. I grew up moving all over the world because my father was stationed in the US Navy. We lived in San Francisco, Thailand, Japan, Virginia, Indonesia and even New York City for a short time. It was tough to keep moving though.

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