Find Great Movers For Your Long Distance Move

Long distance movers

There is just no way around it. Moving is stressful. It is doubly stressful if you are moving a long ways away, for instance, out of state, to the opposite coast, or even to another country entirely. If your move is going to take you to distant lands, you are probably searching frantically for long distance movers who are professional, reasonably priced, and who will not lose or break all of your belongings.

Deciding on the right long distance movers for your situation can be a bit of a challenge, especially if this is your first major long distance move, or if you have not moved in a very long time. One good piece of advice for choosing long distance movers is to nag your friends, family, co workers, and even the guy who sells you coffee every day for recommendations on long distance movers they have previously hired. People who have experienced strongly positive or negative moves with a particular company are only too glad to share their stories with you. If you hear a story about specific company of long distance movers that piques your interest, you can ask the person who told it to you for contact information.

Another possible method of learning about various long distance movers is to read online reviews of moving companies. In the past several years, a number of websites have sprung up allowing people to review long distance movers and other service providers. The vast majority of these websites can be accessed for free. Others charge a monthly membership fee. However, even the websites that have pay walls are not very expensive.

Some online forums where you can read customer reviews regarding long distance movers demarcate the actual reviews into a couple of sections. There is often a section for open ended comments as well as one soliciting targeted numerically scored feedback on specific qualities of the long distance moving companies. One forum asks reviewers to rank their long distance movers on items including cost, being on time, quality of customer service, and the total amount of time it took the movers to complete the job. Many people who are looking for long distance movers find these numerical ratings to be extremely helpful.

Another option you might consider when planning out your upcoming move is utilizing storage pods to house your belongings while you pack up and empty out your current home. Storage pods are giant containers that can be rented and parked on your property for a short period of time. Many people use pods in conjunction with long distance movers because they find that pods simplify and streamline the moving process. Often, long distance movers provide customers with good deals on storage pod rentals. These deals tend to pop up on social networking sites, or on fliers posted around residential neighborhoods.


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