How to Prevent Community Associated MRSA

Pressure assisted toilets

The majority of successful retail locations and restaurants make at least one commercial toilet available for customer use. This is a sound business decision, particularly if your primary demographic is families with little kids. Having contemporary toilets on your premises, however, necessitates that you follow local regulations relating to sanitation and cleanliness in order to prevent illnesses from being transmitted.

Everyone understands that is it necessary to keep commercial toilets clean, which is why having an experienced and dedicated janitor on staff is an absolute must. There are, however, other methods of maintaining good sanitation practices in commercial toilets. These methods do not cancel out the need for a strong janitorial presence, but they do aid businesses in making sure commercial toilets remain clean during business hours.

Pressure assisted toilets incorporating automatic flushing are a terrific way to maintain the cleanliness of commercial toilets at all times. Automatic flushing commercial toilets operate when a motion sensor detects a shift in weight, for example, when a person steps up from his seated position. Pressure assisted commercial toilets decrease the amount of time that waste sits in the toilet bowl, thus curbing bacteria growth and promoting overall cleanliness.

A major concern shared by small business owners in regards to commercial toilets is a high monthly water bill. When a toilet is flushed many times per day, a great deal of water is used, which can be quite expensive. This is where installing a water efficient toilet can be effective. Water efficient toilets shave a significant amount of money from the monthly water bills of small business owners. So too do many local governments offer tax breaks to businesses that provide water efficient commercial toilets to customers.

There are certain instances in which a business should consider providing customers with a full size bathroom including a shower. One such example would be in a commercial gym. Similarly, another instance in which a full service modern toilet with shower is a necessity is in high school locker rooms.

It is very important to keep modern toilets in high school locker rooms clean and devoid of bacteria. Commercial toilets in high school locker rooms serve as breeding grounds for lethal antibiotic resistant diseases such as MRSA. Community Associated Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus transmitted in high school locker rooms has proven fatal to several young athletes. This, above all other reasons, is why it is so important to keep commercial toilets clean.
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