Maximize Your Dog’s Health and Save Money

Natural dog food

In the United States, 48 percent of American households own at least one dog, and a quarter of households have two or more dogs. What this means is Americans love dogs, and that they are spending hundreds of dollars each year to feed and care for their companions. Unfortunately, too many dog owners do not realize they could be saving significantly with dog food coupons.

According to, it costs an average of 1,115 dollars per year to care properly for a dog. This includes food, veterinary costs, medicine, and other supplies. Although it is possible to save money by skimping on any of these areas, what caring dog owner would even think of doing that? However, one area in which there is room for guilt free skimping is with dog food.

Printable dog food coupons make it easy for budget minded dog owners to save considerably on some of the healthiest dog foods. Sure, there are plenty of dog food coupons available on the most popular brands, such as Purina and Pedigree, but Science Diet dog food coupons allows dog owners to feed their dogs the same healthy brand that veterinary clinics and animal adoption agencies often prefer.

In order to take advantage of some fantastic dog food discounts, dog owners only need to search online. By doing so, they will find assorted opportunities for free pet food samples, and dog food coupons for the above brands, as well as Natural Choice, Avoderm, Rachel Ray, Innova, Eagle Pack, and Diamond dog foods.

Some of the most helpful discounts are on dog treats, which can be nearly expensive as regular dog food. The best part about free dog treat samples might be that you can get enough to last for months. Even better, the free samples are often for healthier, and costlier, treats like Iams and Science Diet tooth treats. Obviously, it is hard to beat getting free samples on tooth treats that might cost eight to ten dollars per box in your local pet store.

It may only cost about 250 bucks per year to feed a small dog, but what dog owner does not spend at least a bit more than that spoiling their companion? Free online samples and dog food coupons now make it more affordable than ever for dog owners to spoil their dogs, and without the guilt of skimping!


  1. I refer to a site on fb that has links to coupons and free samples. I swear that my dog survives on free food. But I probably look aroudn for deals a lot more than most people.

  2. As a certified trainer I get more than my share of free food for just recommending it and displaying the posters for it. Personally I would prefer something else but nothing wrong with Science Diet.

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