How Family Dentistry Can Give You a Reason to Smile More

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Believe it or not, your smile is one of the things that makes you who you are. Studies have found that a person’s dental imprint is as unique as his or her fingerprints — in other words, no two are alike, not even for identical twins. That’s why maintaining a healthy smile can become such an important part of your daily life and beyond.

You know to brush and floss at least twice a day. You know you should gargle mouthwash to help fight disease. But what you don’t know is what lies in the spaces you can’t see simply by sticking your tongue out in front of a mirror. This is where finding the right family dentistry can play a huge part in a child’s life.

Family dentistry can help kids build healthy dental routines for themselves.

Practice makes perfect, and that goes double for keeping a clean mouth. Some kids don’t like going to dentist because the drills, sharp tools and bright lights can frighten them. Some adults even feel this way. But regular trips to family dentistry professionals are important in establishing good oral hygiene practices that stay with kids as they grow into adolescence and adulthood. It’s easy to skip out on the dentist, but the more familiar a child is with a particular doctor, the less likely he or she is to do so.

Tooth care continues to improve over time.

A century ago, nearly half of all adults in North America was completely toothless. Now, thanks to advancements in the fields of both general dentistry and orthodontics, that number is down to only 10 percent for those age 65 and older. Of course, innovations in cosmetic dental surgery and treatment have played a part, too. Dental implants now allow a permanent solution to missing teeth, and whitening options have become more popular than ever, with Americans spending over a billion dollars every year on treatments.

Cosmetic dental work isn’t just about appearances anymore.

Those cosmetic procedures can help a person smile better. But the world of family dentistry has grown to include the importance of general orthodontics now, too, especially when it comes to braces. Young adults and children with braces aren’t just straightening out their teeth — they’re correcting overbites, jaw problems and other factors that could lead to future problems in their physical health. A healthy smile does a lot for a person’s emotional well being, too.

It’s important to always replace a toothbrush after you’ve been sick in order to prevent re-contamination in the future. It’s also important to give your smile as many opportunities to shine as you possibly can. That’s why building good habits through regular family dentistry is so crucial in today’s ever-changing and uncertain modern world. Read more.


  1. We all went to my family dentist, mom dad brother and me, often all together. It was nice to have that kind of structure and sense of unity about our health.

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