Let Your Baby Sleep Well in an Organic Crib

Organic bedding sheets

You want to make sure that your baby sleeps as soundly and as safely as possible. After all, babies spend a lot of time asleep. This is one of the main reasons you want to have safe materials for the bedding, such as organic sheets, mattresses, and more.

When looking at finding an organic crib for your little one, you should first look at the crib. There are obvious safety issues to address such as how far apart the slats are. However, you may be interested to know that many of these are made of non organic crib parts, including plywood created with formaldehyde and harmful finishes.

You can find an organic crib that is made from natural sustainable woods that are free of health hazards. Many organic cribs are also created from recycled plastics that are also biodegradable.

Your organic crib set up should also include an organic mattress. The lungs and digestive system of your baby will still be developing in his or her early months, and it is important to give her a healthy, organic environment within the organic crib. Organic crib materials should be natural and assist with ventilating and regulating body heat. Of course, you also want to provide comfort to your baby when he is in his organic crib. Make sure that the materials that make up that mattress are free from pesticides and chemicals. You should also ensure that the organic crib bedding is free of toxic flame retardant chemicals.

In addition to the organic crib and mattress, you may want to consider organic bedding. You will want to find sheets and blankets that are made from organic cottons or other such materials to keep that baby healthy and comfortable.

Many parents have reported that when they switched to organic crib and organic linens, their children actually slept more comfortably and throughout the entire night. Not only will you be getting more rest because your baby is sleeping comfortably, but you will also have the peace of mind know that the organic crib and bedding are providing her a very safe sleeping environment.

You can find cribs, bedding and other organic baby needs at several locations. Visit your favorite baby store and ask about their offerings.

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