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If you are leaving the military and getting your military transcripts ready to apply for schools, online programs may be the flexible and affordable option that you need. A Masters in Business Administration (MBA) is a popular program that can help you to get to the management level. Affordable online MBA programs can help you to get a degree without as much financial pain as a traditional MBA that you will earn entirely by attending classes on a campus. Recently, the Distance Education and Training Council said that over 70% of corporate supervisors believed that online degrees were at least, if not more, valuable than traditional degrees of the same type. Even the federal Department of Education published a study showing that students who take some or all of their classes online tend to outperform students doing an entirely traditional degree.

Some of the United States’ most prestigious universities are beginning to embrace online learning and other forms of digital learning. Columbia University has created the Columbia Video Network (CVN), which allows students to attend classes entirely remotely by video and still get the exact same degree as students who attend traditional on campus classes. Many other schools are experimenting with video and online learning, as well. The main advantage of online learning is cost management. Online degree costs can range from $3,000 to $30,000, but generally they are less expensive than traditional programs. Also, because you can study whenever you have the time to, you do not need to quit your job or waste time and money commuting, making the cost of the program much easier for you to manage.

If you are just transitioning from military to civilian life, a flexible program can fit around the changing circumstances of your life. You will need to submit your military transcript as part of your application. Once you have gotten your military transcript and applications together, you are ready to start seeing which schools and programs are interested in you. After you have taken care of your military transcripts and the rest of the application process, you can start being more selective about the schools that you want to attend when you start getting acceptance letters. More like this.

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