Corvus Construction Everett Office: in Everett Washington


Corvus Construction Everett Office:

Po Box 2856

Everett, Washington 98213

(206) 355-4981

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Most people who are thinking about renovating a home or building a new home realize that choosing the right contractor for their building project is the single most important decision they will make for that project. We have all heard of (or experienced) the trials and results of shoddy or hasty workmanship, time delays, or cost over-runs. It is no surprise to anyone to know that there are poor contractors, good contractors, and excellent contractors. The trick is in finding the excellent ones.
Welcome to Corvus Construction.
Corvus Construction was started in 2006 by Denis Vladyko. Denis grew up in Russia, the son of an electrical engineer, and from the time he was small he was a hands-on guy. He loved building new things, improving old things, and inventing or creating home-made versions of everything from flame-throwers (bet his Mom loved that!) to complex mechanical and pneumatic devices. Building was as natural to Denis as walking.

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