Minimally Invasive Hammertoe Surgery – How To Stay Fit

The effects of an injury can make it challenging to go about day-to-day activities or work, so they need to be surgically corrected to get back to normal. The video below shows you how to do hammertoe surgery.

An incision of a small size is cut in the area of the joint which has deformed. For the preparation of the fusionprocedure, an instrument is placed. It’s utilized to sweep all of the toe. When the damaged connective tissue has been eliminated It is now possible to connect the distal as well as the more proximal phalanx.

The wire is then placed in the middle phalanx before being used to drill through it. The same process occurs as a hole is made through the middle phalanx that leads to the distal phalanx.

Once the toe is placed in the correct position, the wire that runs through at the distal tip of the phalanx could be switched and then passed through middle and expanding phalanx.

The compression screw then inserted along the wire for the purpose of putting the correction in place, fusing the proximal and middle phalanx. The average screw used is 24 to 34 millimeters.

Don’t let your hammertoe afflict you anymore. To learn more, research podiatrists on the internet, or request an appointment from your primary healthcare physician. A small surgical procedure will allow you to return to every day life to the maximum.


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