5 Reasons Why Your Central Air Isnt Working – Chester County Homes

n a hot summer day. It’s essential to possess an air conditioner in order to maintain your temperature as the temperatures increase. This could be an easy mechanical fix, or a larger technological issues you could have several possible reasons your air conditioner doesn’t seem to be working. This video will provide various options to solve your issue.

Air conditioning repairs could range from a basic dusting to an entire replacement. Take note of your furnace’s coolant level and filter while you check your air conditioner. The main reason behind air conditioner failure is damaged capacitor. Sometimes, these can burst from the top. Check for any signs of bloating. It could be due to blocked condensate drains or an issue with the control board for your device. Failure of your air conditioner will be most evident when the wires get damaged or frayed. In the end, it could be your condenser unit’s dirty condition and causing the problem.


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