Basics of Front Door Access Control – Do it Yourself Repair


Controlling the access to an area is known as access control. Access controllers have the responsibility of controlling who is permitted to enter and exit an space. Access control also provides access keys that enable you to gain entry.

Door strikes are available in various designs, but they will only power doors when they are open. It is possible to determine if the doors’ contacts are both open and closed to let you know whether the door was closed or not.

The access card and keypad function together in order to transmit messages directly to the control. The access card functions as the translator of the keypad to the controller, it lets the controller determine whether the door should be opened or closed.

Additionally, there are devices that make use of infrared beams to detect those who want to get out, and permit users to leave without needing to fill on credentials.

Each of these functions is tracked from the controller. Every single unit interact with the controller and it’s what opens and shuts the door. For additional information go to the link above.


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