How Does Commercial Plumbing Work? – Interstate Moving Company

Although most of us are familiar working with the basics of plumbing Commercial plumbing is a bit different. There is a chance that you would like to know the details about plumbing for commercial use, as are the majority of us.

Commercial plumbing systems are utilized for public places such as in public theaters or even a restaurant. The systems differ from the ones used in homes. The main difference from residential plumbing systems is the size of the fixtures.

You will have one bathroom which has a toilet. There is also a bathroom with sink. Kitchens have one sink. Bathrooms in public facilities can include a number of bathrooms, toilets, and sinks. The plumbing can be a challenge. If, for instance, the public bathroom has five sinks, there are five water lines. This is also true of urinals and toilets.

Copper pipe is a further distinction for commercial plumbers. Copper piping is thicker than the pipes used in residential plumbing jobs which makes it hold up better for public spaces.

If you’re interested about the way commercial plumbing functions or if you want to learn more about the installation procedure of commercial plumbing go to the above video!


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