How Did This Shingle Roof Withstand a Hurricane? – Family Tree Websites

homes, trees and all other things that stand between them. The extreme wind and intense rains can do some damage on roofs. The result is usually the roof falling off shingle by shingle, until it’s in an absolute mess. The most reputable roofing companies know how to protect your roof from extreme winds as well as rain. In this clip it will be clear how they achieve this.

The footage begins with a man who is a roofer on a roof. He explains that a hurricane is coming, and he’s doing last minute preparations on a roof. The plan is to use an acrylic polymer spray complete the roofing. This acrylic polymer will get through all cracks that exist between the shingles and harden much like a super glue. The roof should remain secure even during severe conditions. This substance was tested and proved to be effective for protecting roofs from winds that can reach 130 miles per hour. The roof is not damaged after an hurricane due to the protective acrylic polymer coating.


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