How Do I Dock a Boat? – Blogging Information

Different ways of docking different boats, however, they all follow similar procedures. To learn the steps of how to dock a boat, read on.

The first step is be able to decide what your goal is. You’ll need to make use of your discretion here because how you arrange your plan will be determined by the direction of the wind. Take a moment to pay attention to the wind current before you begin the first stage of docking your vessel.

The other step for docking the boat is to go slowly. Don’t go to a dock faster than what you’re willing to strike the dock.

The 3rd step of docking a boat is to time your swing. If you’re about 1 meter away then swing the wheel to the side. The stern will move to the port, and you’ll then be parallel to the dock.

Finalize the docking. It is important to bring the wheel to the port and then put it in reverse. After this, you will be able to reach for rope and put your engine back in reverse.

To learn more about the steps to dock a boat take a look at the video on the right!


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