Looking at Different Breakfasts Around the World – Free Cooking Videos

There is nothing better than the scent of freshly prepared breakfast. Depending on where you live breakfast may look quite different. We will be discussing different breakfast options from all over the globe in this piece.

The first location we’ll take a take a look at is England. In England an English breakfast is called a full English breakfast. This original menu includes plenty of food to fill your plates. Fried eggs are served with bacon, tomato the mushroom, tomatoes, as well as beans. The whole thing comes together with tea or a drink, to create the classic breakfast for the people of England.

Breakfast in Japan is different from the English one. You will often find miso soup with rice served with some type of fish in Japan. It is one thing in common nevertheless, and that’s an egg. In Japan, the egg is usually eaten alongside rice.

The bottom line is that these were two places around the globe that have very different breakfasts. It’s fascinating how different cultures take pleasure in similar meals in various ways.


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