What Is Recurrent Training? – Life Cover Guide


Swayne is a pilot for Envoy. However, most airlines provide the same kind of annual training to their pilots. It is common for him to speak of recurrent instruction as CQ which means continuous qualifications training. The first step is to complete an online sequence of training modules prior to going to the ground training. In the next step, they must attend simulator events. This training can last about a week.

When will you have to Complete Recurrent Training?

The frequency of your recurrent training will be determined by the flight training department However, it is required to occur yearly. You must have your recurrent training done by the end on the 13th day of each month. You can decide which classes to take based on their seniority. Your training will finish prior to bidding begins for your next flight schedule.

What exactly do Recurrent Training Courses Incorporate?

They cover a lot of the things you should know as a pilot, including the security of cruises, hazmats, aircraft systems, emergencies procedures training, and many more. As part of your education it will take two days of ground instruction that will focus on operational procedures in case of emergencies and emergency procedures. In addition, you’ll be learning from past accidents and how to avoid them. The students must take a test written at the end to ensure you fully understand what it is to become an instructor. Simulators are used to test your readiness to handle any emergencies. It will also ensure that you are okay and able to continue your flight with the airline you are flying with.

Swayne didn’t go over the fundamentals of recurrent learning in this clip. Instead, Swayne showed you footage from simulations as well as class time. Safety is the most important factor when it comes down to recurrent training. Pilots and flight attendants have to complete the training in order to ensure they are aware of all safety measures that are involved in the


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