Companies Increasingly Use Business Card Scanner Technologies to Back Up Their Paperwork

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Digital filing is a unique process by which a person could both consolidate and back up hard copies of anything from business cards to receipts to important work related documents. Many companies and individuals still like paper, but increasingly they are realizing that backing up their paper documents using a business card scanner or similar device can further protect them should anything happen to their hard copies. According to Datapro Gartner Group, about one fourth of a company’s documents get misplaced and are never recovered, leading more companies than in history to look into getting a portable scanner for themselves and their employees.

A business card reader is highly functional because it takes all relevant data, captures it instantly and then organizes that data so a user can easily find it when needed. It drastically reduces the time it takes to get this information. Since knowledge workers spend about 15 to 30 percent of their work days looking for information, it pays to invest in a business card scanner that is both portable and high tech to make work time more productive.

By using a digital filing system that incorporates a business card scanner, a person could easily grab data that is in hard copy form somewhere else, like in a storage facility or even stored away safely in an office nearby. Here, though, getting that information is faster to retrieve and prevents a person from having to even get up from his or her desk to get the information. Plus, it saves on paper too. The International Data Corporation estimates that 95 percent of a business’ information is in hard copy form, with the average employee printing out 45 sheets of paper per day. Employees could save big bucks on paper and printing costs by investing in a business card scanner that would take that information and store it so information would need to be printed out just one time.

Having a business card scanner does not need to mean that a company has to drop what it is doing and immediately adopt new technologies to never need paper again. With about 50 percent of 500 companies surveyed by SandHill saying they do not invest in cloud based applications and other technologies because they have less business agility than they would like, having a simple solution like a business card scanner that works seamlessly like laptop scanners and portable scanners would be at least a step in the right direction.
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